Pedalling into Community: My Journey with the Rapha Cycling Club

Relocating from Perth to Melbourne, I found RCC. It offered organised rides, a supportive community, and a seamless app experience. Joining RCC transformed my cycling journey, igniting a newfound passion and endless adventures ahead.

What is RCC

RCC, short for Rapha Cycling Club, is a global community of cyclists brought together by their passion for cycling. With a membership, cyclists gain access to exclusive benefits such as organised rides, member events, and premium apparel. RCC serves as a platform for cyclists to connect, share experiences, and pursue their cycling goals, whether it's tackling challenging rides, exploring new routes, or simply enjoying the ride with like-minded individuals.

Why I signed up

After relocating from Perth to Melbourne in 2022, I decided to sign up for RCC due to the stark contrast in cycling accessibility between the two cities. In Perth, the popular river loop provided easy access to cycling routes regardless of location, fostering a sense of community among cyclists. However, in Melbourne, such convenient cycling options were lacking, making it challenging to connect with fellow riders. Joining RCC offered an opportunity to bridge this gap, providing access to organised rides and a community of cyclists who share my passion for cycling.

My Initial Experience

During my initial experience with RCC, I found myself out of practice after a 12-month hiatus from riding, resulting in a large decline in my fitness level. However, the supportive atmosphere within the club quickly became apparent as rider leaders made a concerted effort to wait for me at the top of climbs, ensuring I didn't fall behind or get dropped from the group. Initially, there was a perceived pressure to purchase and wear the exclusive RCC kit on club rides, but as time passed, I noticed that most members experiment with other lines and brands to express their own personality. The camaraderie and encouragement from fellow cyclists remained a cornerstone of my experience within RCC.

The RCC App

The RCC app has proven to be an invaluable tool for myself, offering comprehensive features to enhance the cycling experience. It provides easy access to upcoming rides, complete with details such as starting locations, routes, and intensity levels, enabling myself to plan my participation effectively. One notable feature is the ability to seamlessly integrate signed-up rides into personal calendars, ensuring I stay organised and never miss a scheduled event. With its user-friendly interface and practical functionalities, the RCC app serves as a central hub for members to stay informed and engaged with the club's activities.

The RCC Community

The RCC community offers a vibrant and inclusive environment beyond cycling, hosting numerous events catering to various interests. From social gatherings to non-cycling activities, members have ample opportunities to connect and forge friendships. One of the standout features is the welcoming nature of the community, with ride leaders consistently displaying a willingness to assist and support fellow cyclists. Additionally, RCCMEL has made commendable efforts to accommodate beginners, recognising the diverse skill levels among members. Introducing more beginner-friendly climbing rides demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and encourages participation from cyclists of all backgrounds, including those less accustomed to elevation challenges.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my journey with RCC has been nothing short of transformative. From bridging the gap between cities to rediscovering my passion for cycling and connecting with an incredible community, each aspect of my experience has contributed to my growth as a cyclist and as an individual. The supportive atmosphere, coupled with the diverse array of events and the inclusive nature of the community, has made my time with RCC truly unforgettable. As I reflect on my experiences, I am filled with gratitude for the friendships forged, the challenges overcome, and the countless memories made along the way. Moving forward, I am excited to continue exploring new routes, pushing my limits, and sharing the joy of cycling with fellow members of this remarkable community. Here's to many more adventures on two wheels with RCC!

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